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We transform high technology into simple solutions made for people and planet.

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Intelligent soil monitoring and management

Hydroball makes decisions for you to optimise your crops and care for your garden in the most efficient way.

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How does Hydroball work?

It measures the texture of the soil, as well as its temperature, humidity, water potential and salinity. In this way, it allows us to understand how the soil interacts with our crops, optimising the irrigation system, the control of fertilisers and avoiding wastage.

Hydroball interacts with our irrigation dispenser (Hydrodispenser) and activates it when and in the amount that is optimal for the garden and/or crops.

The whole system can be controlled from our App that will offer you in a simple and intuitive way the possibility to manage your Hydroball and you will be informed of everything that happens in your garden.

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About us

We are ESY Technologies. We are born with the aim of offering intelligent technology solutions at the service of people and the planet. We put science at your disposal in 4 different areas:

Home, Environment, Health and Agriculture.
The services we offer redefine the user experience known to date and transform high technology into effective and simple solutions, within people's reach.

This is just the beginning

We are working on new projects and innovations, stay and live the experience with us.

HYDROSTICK project LIFE Programme.

HYDROSTICK project for projects in Natura 2000 sites or contributing to the integrity of Natura 2020 network: the Natura 2000


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